tents for jesusTents for Jesus. Huh? What in the world is Tents for Jesus? That is a good question, and it is something that we are trying to determine ourselves.

This is what we do know. Currently in the Seattle region our sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and parks have been overtaken by the homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, and criminals. Sadly many who are homeless have both addiction and mental illness, and some participate in criminal behavior. Our neighborhoods are becoming a total embarrassment to our communities, and more importantly, unsafe.

What we do know is that what government officials are currently doing is not working. What we do know is that the devil is having a heyday in our communities. What we do know is that those who are battling homelessness, addiction, and mental illness are loved by God and their lives have been stolen from them. The devil is actively stealing, killing, destroying.

What we do know is that Jesus is the Answer to every situation and we know that the disciples in the Early Church, would not say, “Our hands are tied, there is nothing we can do.” Just maybe they would ‘camp’ among the people and Worship/Pray/Preach/Eat. Maybe that is what we need to do.
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