make-difference-eternityI believe that the disciples of Jesus Christ in the Early Church would not sit back and watch Jerusalem (Seattle and surrounding communities) be taken over by the homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, and criminals. I believe they would do what they can to Make a Difference. I want to Make a Difference. I believe the major problem is a spiritual problem, so we believe the solution must be based upon spiritual principles. We also believe followers of Christ need to be in the midst of the spiritual battle.

At the least, we as Christians, should be ministering where the homeless camps are located. We should be filling the atmosphere with worship, prayer, the proclaiming of the Word of God, (Spiritual Warfare) and directly interacting with the those living in these camps..

The concept of Tents for Jesus is for Christians to actually camp among the homeless. To put up tents where the homeless are located. While ‘camping’ at these locations, the followers of Christ would have times of worship, times of intercessory prayer (including all night vigils), proclaim the Gospel, and invite the homeless to have meals with them. Praying for the supernatural to occur. Asking God to perform signs & wonders to confirm His Word.

Is this a crazy idea? Certainly in the natural realm. Certainly for many Christians who seem to have a form of religion but no power thereof. But if you read the Bible, God has had His followers do all kinds of crazy things that in the natural that makes no sense.

Does God want us to camp overnight? Not sure yet. But can we put up tents/canopies up during the day time to make our presence known, to have a place for literature, and have a place to meet.

Will lives be transformed? Based upon my past experiences, yes! For sure those who participate will see transformation in their own personal life.
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Pastor Richard D. Dover-Seattle Open Door Church