Spiritual Warfare-Not Wackiness

spiritual warfare not-wackinessWhenever the topic of spiritual warfare comes up some have preconceived notions what that means. Many times there are two extremes. There is the group that believes there is a demon under every chair and become the name it, claim it group. They can become so spiritually minded that they are no earthy good. Then there is the other group that goes so far as to believe the devil has no power whatsoever and that Christians have no real authority. Both sides in error.

When we are talking about spiritual warfare and going to battle we are talking about biblical principles found in the Bible. We are not talking about fleshly actions and behavior. We are talking about being led by the Holy Spirit, not flesh and emotions.

The fear of the flesh and the false should not prevent us from trusting God to do the supernatural. It is going to take the supernatural to break the strongholds of the devil in this region.

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