take actionTents for Jesus is about Taking Action-Doing Something.
Many within our communities are upset about the current homeless, addiction, and crime problems. Especially when it comes to the homeless camps on public property. Many do not feel safe in public places.

Instead of complaining and expecting government to fix the problem (they are part of the problem), and saying ‘our hands are tied’,  Tents for Jesus believes that as Christians we need to Take Action. What action? Spiritual Warfare.  We should be Sharing the Word of God, lifting up Jesus through worship in the public, and public intercessory prayer. Why? Because the real problem is a spiritual problem.

We should be in the midst of the battle (wherever there are homeless camps, addicts, mentally ill, or where there is ongoing criminal activity). That may include putting up tents where the homeless have tents. It for sure means preaching, praising, and praying in public places.

christ followerIt is clear from Scripture that a Christ Follower does not seek the government as the first solution to a spiritual problem. It is clear that a Christ Follower goes into the battlefield, not run from it. It is clear that a Christ Follower takes back territory and claims new territory for the Kingdom of God.

It is time to preach the Gospel, it is time to rescue souls from darkness, it is time that Christianity Make a Difference in our communities. It is time for Christ Followers to be Tents for Jesus Tentmakers.

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