The Power of Prayer

power power tentmakers tents for jesusThe Power of Prayer

When faced with a variety of obstacles/challenges/closed doors, it can feel like there are no options to make a difference. It may feel like ‘our hands are tied’. The truth is, in the natural realm, our hands are tied. But there is Power in Praying.

Christians gathering together in public places to pray can Make a Difference. Their prayers can change the atmosphere of an area. Their prayers can bring positive change. Christians who humbly cry out to God are truly warriors for the Kingdom of God. They have the ability to bring Light into the darkness.

Tentmakers-Spirtual Warriors
One aspect of Tents for Jesus is the power of prayer-it is one of the weapons of spiritual warfare. Tentmakers are those who believe their prayers can Make a Difference in a community. Thus they are not ashamed to pray in public places. They are not ashamed to praise Jesus in a public manner, they are not ashamed to pray through God’s Word in a public manner, they are not ashamed to intercede for a community.

How about you? Are you ready to be a Tentmaker in your community? Tentmakers-Who Are They?

Disclaimer: Those in this photo are pastors and church members of various churches in Burien who made a commitment to pray at a local City of Burien park. In no way are we insinuating they are part of Tents for Jesus or Tentmakers. But they are applying the principles we share on this web site. They show their concern for their city by praying.

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